Get The Sigma Chi Badge On Foursquare

July 31, 2012

Sigma Chi is doing a neat thing by partnering up with Foursquare and allowing users to get a “Sigma Chi Badge”. If you check-in 3 times at any of the designated “Sigma Chi Houses” listed on Foursquare, you’ll receive the badge. Below is what I was sent from headquarters.

basically check-in three times at a sig house or once at an international event (horizons, balfour, grand chapter, etc.) and you get the badge.

Headquarters is currently adding new houses to their list (found here: If you want to make sure that your chapter house gets added, contact headquarters and send them the url of your chapter’s foursquare page. My undergraduate chapter is Arkansas State, which can be found here:–arkansas-state-university/4ad8f192f964a520411621e3. I simply sent them the url and they added it to the list.

Some more information can be found at this blog post on AboutFoursquare:

The Sigma Chi fraternity is now the second Greek organization to offer their own badge on foursquare.

Users can unlock the badge by following the fraternity and checking in at their chapter houses and other locations. The unlock text reads:

True friendship, equal justice and sound learning! You are exploring Sigma Chi. Now that you have this badge, be sure to get the other one!

what do you think of the badge?



Sigma Chi Horizons : The Experience

January 10, 2012

Earlier today I noticed that the official Sigma Chi YouTube account posted a video about Horizons. These are exactly the types of videos that Sigma Chi should be producing on a consistent basis. I’ve embedded the video below as well as some other videos about Horizons that I created myself.

Link to video:

ShareSigmaChi Horizons Videos

Below are a few videos I’ve recorded about Horizons. The first video is a compilation of quotes from former Grand Consul, Keith Krach, discussing the Horizons program.

The next two videos are interviews I did with Ryan Wakefield. The discussions focused on Horizons and Ryan’s role as a facilitator at Horizons. The 1st video is our talk focuses on Ryan’s expectations before he went to Horizons and the 2nd video he talks about his expereience.

Make a Difference on the Merlin Olsen Day of Service September 15th

September 2, 2011

We encourage Sigs to take part in the second-annual Merlin Olsen Day of Service on Thursday, Sept. 15 by volunteering in their community. Whatever you do, do it in honor of the late Merlin Olsen, UTAH STATE 1962, affectionately referred to by many as a ‘gentle giant.’

At 6 feet 9 inches tall, Merlin’s competitive nature drove him to success as an NFL defensive lineman, actor and broadcaster; and his generous soul propelled him to support Children’s Miracle Network (now called Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals) for many years. In fact, Merlin helped forge Sigma Chi’s partnership with CMN Hospitals, one of the Fraternity’s preferred philanthropies.

Take part in the Merlin Olsen Day of Service to honor his philanthropic spirit. Imagine the difference that we could make if all of Sigma Chi’s approximately 238,000 living members volunteered just a few hours of their time.

The international fraternity has created the Merlin Olsen Day of Service official Facebook event page, entitled “Merlin Olsen Day of Service 2011.” You can access it by clicking here.

We hope to capitalize on the success of last year’s inaugural Merlin Olsen Day of Service, in which Sigs across the United States and Canada served their communities by volunteering in local parks, donating blood, and collecting money for charity, to name just a few examples.

After participating in the Merlin Olsen Day of Service, send photos of your volunteer activities (please send the original files from your camera to ensure that we receive the highest-quality images possible), along with a short description of where the event was held and what you did, to Your photo may be published in an upcoming issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi. You can also post photos, videos and descriptions of your service projects on the Merlin Olsen Day of Service 2011 Facebook event page. Lastly, share your stories on Twitter using the hashtag #olsendayofservice.

We thank you for your efforts to keep the spirit of service exemplified by Brother Merlin alive.

Tune up for the Sweetheart Song Contest

April 25, 2011

Undergraduates and alumni could serenade new sweetheart

This October marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi song. To honor this special occasion, Sigma Chi will chose one brother to serenade the incoming international sweetheart at the 2011 Grand Chapter Sweetheart Reception on June 24 at the downtown Dallas Sheraton Hotel.

To enter the contetst, submit a song rendition via a YouTube video, an mpeg or QuickTime video on a DVD, a CD or a jump drive. Label the entry with the following title: 100 Years Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Song Serenade Contest. All entries are due May 31.

The entry title should not include your name in or on the video. YouTube videos can be e-mailed to, while CDs/DVDs/jump drives can be mailed to:

Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Contest

Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters

1714 Hinman Ave.

Evanston, IL 60201

The winner will receive: one roundtrip airline ticket to Dallas; a complimentary overnight stay at the Dallas Sheraton; and a complimentary ticket to the Sweetheart Reception.

Anyone with questions can contact Natalie Konowal, director of conferences and travel services, at (847) 869-3566, ext. 232, or at

More here:

Balfour Leadership Training Workshop set for July 28-31, 2011

April 11, 2011

According to the Balfour Leadership Operating Board and its chairman, Order of Constantine Sig Chris Brown, FURMAN 1989, the 2011 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop will be hosted at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on July 28-31.

The process for applying to attend Balfour LTW will begin in the next few weeks. Stay on the lookout for more information. For additional info, please visit

Registration fees for Grand Chapter increase May 1
Anyone interested in attending the 78th Grand Chapter have until April 30, 2011, to register at early-bird prices. On May 1, package fees increase $50, while a la carte fees increase $10 per event. To register or book flights, rental cars or hotel reservations, visit and scroll down to the “Quick Links” section on the bottom right part of the page.

More here:

Daniel Tosh Is Not A Sigma Chi

April 6, 2011

It has been rumored for a long time now that comedian Daniel Tosh is a Sigma Chi from the University of Central Florida. Today I was able to confirm with headquarters that he is NOT a Sigma Chi. In an email exchange with an employee at headquarters I was given the following response.

Nope, he’s not a member.

This may disappoint some of you. I’ve noticed over the last year that a ton of Sigs have sent messages to Daniel Tosh’s twitter account asking if he was indeed a Sigma Chi. I never once saw him actually respond to those messages. A few months back I sent a message to a Sig at the University of Central Florida asking if Daniel Tosh was initiated there. He sounded confused by my question and pretty much had no idea what I was talking about. But now that headquarters has responded, I think we can all agree that Daniel Tosh is not a Sigma Chi.

[updated: 4.06.2011 10:00am] A follow up response from headquarters.

He is not a member according to our database/ membership records.

We don’t know anything concrete about the rumors. The only thing we’ve heard is that he briefly pledged one of the Florida chapters and dropped well before Initiation, however we don’t have evidence to back that up.

For those that are still curious, feel free to contact headquarters on the matter here: (e) (p) (847) 869-3655
Or use the contact list.

Annual Report/Peterson Applications due May 1st, 2011

April 5, 2011

Reports and applications mandatory for all undergraduate chapters

The 2011 Annual Report/Peterson site has been launched and chapters can now log in to work on their reports. The report is at and is a mandatory annual submission for all undergraduate chapters. It is due May 1.

The annual report’s use is two-fold: First, it provides chapters with an opportunity to analyze themselves against guidelines Sigma Chi sets for them and offers feedback, and secondly, the report’s completion allows chapters to be eligible to win the Fraternity’s major awards, including the Peterson Significant Chapter Award, the James F. Bash Significant Improvement Award, the Daniel William Cooper Outstanding Scholarship Award and the Legion of Honor.

Chapters should visit to immediately begin working on their submission. Questions can be directed to Mike Church, operations manager, (847) 869-3655, ext. 269, or

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