– New Category… News

August 29, 2007

News Category

You can now search through the new ‘News’ categories for all kinds of Sigma Chi News. The new category can be found at the top of every page (just like the other categories). So don’t forget to check it out, ‘hit’ some articles. If you find some cool Sigma Chi News, make sure and submit it.

Advertisements – 1st SSSWOS Update

August 25, 2007

Two new features have been added to the site.

1) Users can enter a secondary email address to their account. Once you have logged in just go here to update your account and profile information.

2) Users can see their “fans”. What’s a “fan”? Any user that has added you to their friends list is a “fan”. Once you have logged in you can see your “fans” here

Enjoy and spread the word – SSSWOS Invitations are out

August 24, 2007

Invitations to sign up at have been sent out. If you recieved an invitation email then feel free to send an invitation to anyone you like (that is a sigma chi). If you have questions about registering, logging in or really anything. Then go to and send us an email.

Don’t forget to let your friends know about the site. – BETA Testing

August 6, 2007

BETA testing has now begun. Invitations to join the site will be sent out shortly. Once we have smoke tested the site and feel comfortable with its performance, we will send out invitations for the BETA period.

During the BETA period the site will be fully functional even though we will most likely be adding features. If any issues/bugs are found, please use the faq page to submit these problems. – SSSWOS the beginning…

August 1, 2007


We have now created the blog for
You can come here to get info, updates and upcoming changes to the site. should be up and running in BETA shortly. Remember to check back here for an update.

Don’t forget to SSSWOS