Sigma Chi Pledge Tests – Stats & Numbers

One of the main reasons I created ShareSigmaChi was to help Sigs share Sigma Chi related stuff with other Sigs. I believe that a lot can be gained by the fraternity if pledges/members/alum/chapters just share their knowledge with each other. Ideas for philanthropy, parties, derby days, alumni events & tailgates could help chapters in all sorts of ways. More importantly chapters could share i-week or pledge membership information with one another (in a secure manner of course).

Pledge Tests

The other big part of ShareSigmaChi are the pledge tests. I’ve always thought it made sense to allow pledges to study/learn online. When I was in school the only ways to learn about Sigma Chi were to read your Norman Shield or talk to members. Obviously I’m not saying that pledges shouldn’t read their Norman Shielf or talk to members. But there are a lot of times that those two options aren’t available.

Version 1

So why not make the information available online so pledges can study whenever they want? This is what I have tried to do. The original version of the “ShareSigmaChi Pledge Test” was made up of 44 multiple choice questions. All the questions and answers were filled out by me doing research. The problem with this version was that I was the only one who could create new questions and answers. I would add a question here and there, but eventually I moved on to other projects. Version 1 I felt was pretty successful. It served its purpose and in total questions had been answered over 15,000 times. The graph below shows the questions and what percentage they were answered right (

Version 2

Some of the faults of Version 1 were that nobody else could create their own questions and you didn’t have an easy way of sharing the questions with other Sigs. So with Version 2 I decided to create a brand new website solely dedicated to creating and sharing Sigma Chi pledge tests. Version 2 allows you to create pledge tests with as many questions as you want. You decide the pledge test name, description and whatever questions and answers you want. Each test is given its own unique url. You can share that url with other people. Also somebody takes one of your pledge tests, they can share their score on facebook to invite others to take your pledge test.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the new version. There are a few updates I’d like to do, but its all a matter of having enough free time. For now it will do and I just hope that Sigs can find it useful.

– Jacob

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