ShareSigmaChi NFL Draft App

April 15, 2010

The NFL Draft is only a week away and if you’re like me then its one of your favorite sporting events of the year. Last year I created a draft app that would allow anyone to fill out a big board of who they thought would be drafted and where. I made a few modifications to the app to make it easier to fill out.

Anyone who has signed up on can particpate and once the draft is over you can see who got the most picks right. It basically like a fantasy league, but just for the NFL Draft. Last year @duditz won by getting only 9 out of the 32 picks correct. Its much harder then you think. As soon as teams start trading picks, all our draft boards get blown up. It feels kinda like the first weekend of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament when “Cinderella” decides to win a game or two.

To participate just go here: ShareSigmaChi NFL Draft App
Remember you have to sign in if you want to save your draft board.

Here is a sneak peak at my draft board:
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Jacob Cook

Sigma Chi Pledge Test, Giveaways and Podcasts – Ending ’09

November 17, 2009

There is less than 2months left in 2009 and I’ve got a few things that I want to do before 2010 gets here. A few ideas that have been in works for some time now and I’m pretty confident that you’ll see them real soon. You can plan on seeing at least 1 more podcast by the end of this month and possibly another podcast in December. You will definitely have a chance to win some free Sigma Chi gear and as soon as we work out the details we’ll let you know how. The last and probably biggest idea is that I’ll be launching a new Sigma Chi website.

Upcoming Podcast

Back in September we recorded a podcast with Brad Wellman discussing Sigma Chi and Social Media. The majority of the podcast we said that Sigma Chi wasn’t utilizing social media like they should (it’s one of the reasons why I started ShareSigmaChi over 2 years ago). We both agreed that the fraternity should be using these social media outlets to communicate, share, help and connect Sigs.  I guess HQ was listening because within the last month they started to become more active on Facebook and a Twitter account. Brad and I will discuss this sudden increase in social media activities, what we like/dislike about these activities and how we think they could improve. I am excited to see the fraternity taking a step forward and anxious to see how they leverage social media to help Sigs.

Upcoming Giveaway

If you follow ShareSigmaChi on Twitter then you were one of the first to see the hats that we will be giving away. The hats came from Bamm Promo which is a “promotional products” company run by a Sigma Chi. If you get a chance check them out or send Ben an email. I haven’t worked out the details of the giveaway just yet, but we will definitely let you know as soon as we get it ironed out. The one thing I can you is that the giveaway will be a part of the new Sigma Chi website that we are also launching.


Sigma Chi Pledge Test will be a new learning tool for Sigs and we plan on launching the BETA by the end of the year. I know what you’re thinking “Share Sigma Chi already has pledge tests“. I decided that since this new site will be so much different and offer more functionality that it would be best to host it on it’s own site. The old pledge tests will stay in tact and can be accessed by anybody with a ShareSigmaChi account.
I think most of you will be really happy with the new Sigma Chi Pledge Test site. The parts of the site that I am most excited about is that all of the authentication will use Facebook Connect so you won’t have to create a new account and not only can you take pledge tests, but you will be able to create your own pledge tests and share them with other Sigs. It will be really easy for magisters to create a test and share it with all of their pledges so they can prepare for their weekly test.

The BETA will be launching soon and I will need your help to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is also where the hats we’re giving away will come in. Most likely the hats will be randomly given out to Sigs who sign up and participate in the BETA. It’s basically a way for me to say “thank you” to all you Sigs who “Share Sigma Chi”. So be on the look out and feel free to use this short url to share this post with other Sigs

In Hoc,
Jacob Cook

ShareSigmaChi on Twitter

Hard At Work

October 7, 2009

Before I get this post started I want to thank everybody that has sent me their recruitment information and stories. As you have seen I posted a couple of these to the blog for everyone to read. Those “guest” posts did a great job of letting everyone know what recruitment week was like for them. Also they gave everyone a different look at what they could do during their own rush week. What I really enjoyed was seeing in the comments and on Twitter was that Sigs were sharing their ideas and experiences. That is the one of the main reasons I created ShareSigmaChi.

I choose “Hard At Work” as the title for this post cause lately I’ve been working hard at a couple of things.

  • working hard at my real job
  • working hard at spending time with my family
  • working really hard at watching football
  • working really hard on a new Sigma Chi website

That’s right a new Sigma Chi website. This new site will kinda serve as a “sister” site to It’s something I have been wanting to do for over a year now and I decided late this summer that I would get started on it. I don’t want to give out much information right now, but I will say that if you have followed ShareSigmaChi for awhile now then you have probably seen tidbits of this new site. Ever since I started ShareSigmaChi I have noticed some trends from you guys and I think this site will be very beneficial to a lot of Sigs. I’m pretty excited and really wish I could say more.

Hopefully in the very near future the new site will be ready for testing and I’ll need some help with that. So if you’re interested in being a “BETA” tester then please let me know. You can leave a comment on this post, email me, or send a message on facebook or twitter.

Feel free to share this post with your friends. Here is a short url that will make that easier:
Thanks everyone for your support.

Jacob Cook
ShareSigmaChi on Twitter

Podcast with Co-Founder of

June 3, 2009

We recorded our Horizons podcast with Keith Krach on Monday and have another planned for tomorrow. The podcast with Keith went very well, everyone who participated did a fantastic job and we really hope to have them all back again to discuss Sigma Chi. We did have a bit of technical difficulties with our recording software as it decided to not record the last half of the podcast. We have been in contact with the creators of the software and they have assured us that it was a fluke thing. So hopefully we won’t have any other problems in the future.

So as the title of this post reads, we will be recording another podcast tomorrow night with a Co-Founder of, Erik Jensen.  Erik is a Ball State graduate/initiate and now lives in Chicago, IL. We will discuss why he started OutOfWorkChicago and how it’s beneficial. We will also discuss how Sigma Chi helped Erik starting his business and what suggestions he has for those looking to start a business.

We should have the Horizons podcast up sometime tonight and we’ll try to have tomorrow’s podcast uploaded by the weekend. Remember you can get a list of all our podcasts here

Thanks again to everybody for all their support

Upcoming Sigma Chi Horizons Podcast with Keith Krach

May 10, 2009

update here is the podcast we recorded with Keith Krach

Over the last few months we have been coming up with ideas that we thought would be very useful for Sigs. One idea that I have been very excited about is revamping our podcast series. So far our podcasts have consisted of me talking about 1-2 Sigma Chi subjects per podcast. While I feel like we have put out some valuable material, I’ve just kept thinking that these podcasts should be so much more. Then I started thinking “why not bring on guests to interview or just to have a general Sigma Chi discussion with?”. We could turn it into more of a “round table discussion” and that is exactly what we are going to do.

Around the end of this month or early June we are going to do a podcast and discuss Horizons. We hope that we can give Sigs a little more insight on not only what Horizons is, but also what you do at Horizons and why is it was started. We plan on having 2-3 Sigs who have been to Horizons before, as well as 2-3 Sigs who plan on going to Horizons this summer. Hopefully this will allow us to find out why Horizons is so successful and it will give the Sigs who will attending to ask any questions they have. We also thought it would be beneficial to have somebody who has played a big part in the success of Horizons and we are very excited to announce that past Grand Consul Keith Krach will also be joining us on the podcast. We would like to send a big “thank you” to Keith, because we know how busy he is and also because we know he will bring a lot of good info to the podcast. So remember to be on the look out this month for some new podcasts.


Jacob Cook – Facebook Page & Redesign Complete

February 5, 2009

We have finally finished re-designing the site. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the new look. Here is a breakdown of where you can find everything.

Top Left
– Has links for logging in or registering for the site
– When logged in you will see links to your profile and a logout link

Top Right
– Contains links to the homepage, blog, pledge tests and contact page.

Left Side
-Links to all your article categories(news, images, videos, sites, docs etc…)
-Links to statistics, pledge tests, visuals, submit page, search and help page

– RSS feed links(blog and podcast)
– Twitter and Facebook links

ShareSigmaChi Facebook Page
Thats right we created a facebook page so its even easier to keep up with the site. If you haven’t already, then check it out and become a fan. We have some big plans for our facebook page as well as facebook in general. Once we get some things ironed out, we’ll let you know what we got up our sleeve. – 2009 Whats Next?

January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a great 2008 and hopefully 2009 will be even better. We wildly surpassed expectations at for 2008. I was hoping our traffic and user sign ups would at least stay at the same pace as they did in 2007 after we launched. Well our traffic and user sign ups rose every quarter in 2008. The biggest shock is that we still haven’t advertised the site. Most people just randomly find and stumble upon us. So we have some big expectations for 2009 and some big ideas that we feel will help.

One thing we are going to do is introduce a new design. I am bored with the current look and want a change. Here is a link to the flickr page of the new look(poor quality, sorry). Feel free to comment on this post or the flickr page with your thoughts on the new look.

I hope to do some code clean-up on the site. Change the way some pages act and just do an overall update.

I am also throwing around some ideas about a possible “sister site”, mobile application and/or web applications. I don’t want to give out to much info right now, mostly because these are just ideas at this point and nothing concrete.

It would be really nice to produce the podcasts on a more consistent basis. Possibly even doing some interviews with various Sigs. If you’re interested in helping or have any ideas then email me at or

Becoming more involved with my undergraduate and alumni chapters is another “to-do” on the list. I was staying active there for a few months and then I haven’t done much here recently. Tomorrow would be a good day to start, considering my undergraduate chapter start their i-week tomorrow.

Keep checking for the new look. We plan on uploading it soon. If you have questions, ideas, thoughts or anything else then just send us an email at – thanks again for all your help

In Hoc,