– 2009 Whats Next?

January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a great 2008 and hopefully 2009 will be even better. We wildly surpassed expectations at for 2008. I was hoping our traffic and user sign ups would at least stay at the same pace as they did in 2007 after we launched. Well our traffic and user sign ups rose every quarter in 2008. The biggest shock is that we still haven’t advertised the site. Most people just randomly find and stumble upon us. So we have some big expectations for 2009 and some big ideas that we feel will help.

One thing we are going to do is introduce a new design. I am bored with the current look and want a change. Here is a link to the flickr page of the new look(poor quality, sorry). Feel free to comment on this post or the flickr page with your thoughts on the new look.

I hope to do some code clean-up on the site. Change the way some pages act and just do an overall update.

I am also throwing around some ideas about a possible “sister site”, mobile application and/or web applications. I don’t want to give out to much info right now, mostly because these are just ideas at this point and nothing concrete.

It would be really nice to produce the podcasts on a more consistent basis. Possibly even doing some interviews with various Sigs. If you’re interested in helping or have any ideas then email me at or

Becoming more involved with my undergraduate and alumni chapters is another “to-do” on the list. I was staying active there for a few months and then I haven’t done much here recently. Tomorrow would be a good day to start, considering my undergraduate chapter start their i-week tomorrow.

Keep checking for the new look. We plan on uploading it soon. If you have questions, ideas, thoughts or anything else then just send us an email at – thanks again for all your help

In Hoc,