Share Sigma – Thoughts for ’08

January 16, 2008

Listen Now
Alright, here we go with the first blog post of 2008.
I’ve got a few changes/ideas for the site and I am debating on which ones to implement.

1) I like the “listen now” feature on each of the blog posts, but I do not like the way its implemented. The voice is just to boring and barely gets half the words right. So I am thinking of recording a podcast and then using the blog post to summarize the podcast. Then each blog entry will have a link to the podcast. This way you could listen to the podcast or just get a summary of each podcast by reading the blog post.

2) Possibly doing a re-design of the site. More color and slightly different layout.

3) Spreading the word about Share Sigma – Currently we do not advertise the site. We might start to email the Consul of each Undergraduate Chapter and Presidents of Alumni Chapters. The site is still in Beta so we may wait before targeting a large audience.

If you have any ideas or suggestions just send us an email
faq [at] sharesigmachi [dot] com or just go to the contact page and you can submit an email from there.