– Facebook Page & Redesign Complete

February 5, 2009

We have finally finished re-designing the site. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the new look. Here is a breakdown of where you can find everything.

Top Left
– Has links for logging in or registering for the site
– When logged in you will see links to your profile and a logout link

Top Right
– Contains links to the homepage, blog, pledge tests and contact page.

Left Side
-Links to all your article categories(news, images, videos, sites, docs etc…)
-Links to statistics, pledge tests, visuals, submit page, search and help page

– RSS feed links(blog and podcast)
– Twitter and Facebook links

ShareSigmaChi Facebook Page
Thats right we created a facebook page so its even easier to keep up with the site. If you haven’t already, then check it out and become a fan. We have some big plans for our facebook page as well as facebook in general. Once we get some things ironed out, we’ll let you know what we got up our sleeve.

Share Sigma – SSSWOS Photos is now ready

December 9, 2007

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The 2nd project under SSSWOS Visuals is now ready and its called SSSWOS Photos.

What is SSSWOS Photos? Well we go out and grab 6 random random Sigma Chi photos from Flickr and then you can select one to view it’s details. Since we are grabbing data from Flickr, this part of the site might be a little slower sometimes, but don’t worry it will come and go.

Hope you enjoy the new projects under SSSWOS Visuals and remember we still have some more ideas we plan on rolling out. So keep looking for the next phase.

Share Sigma – SSSWOS Visuals

November 25, 2007

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Ok. You can now go to SSSWOS Visuals and check out the “Map” project.

This will allow you to experience Share Sigma in a more “visual” way. You will be given a list of Sigma Chi attractions or famous gravesites. After you select one of the items, it will appear on an interactive map. Then you can zoom in or even map other items along with it.

We are rolling out SSSWOS Visuals into sections so be on the look out for more projects here in the near future.

Share Sigma – New Features Coming Soon!

November 19, 2007

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I’ve got a few new features in the works right now. I should be able to finish them right before Thanksgiving. You will be able to view “Sigma Chi Content” in a much more “Visual” way……….

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to SSSWOS ! – SSSWOS Style Pledge Tests

September 27, 2007

The new features I wrote about yesterday are now live.
Visit here to test your ‘Sigma Chi Knowledge’ or just to see the leaderboard from users who have already answered some questions.

There are also a few changes to make each page easier to use and navigation easier.

If you wish to submit a new test question then send an email with your question and answer to faq at – UserProfiles/Messages/Inbox

September 16, 2007

Two new features have been added.

1) Now you can view any user’s ‘User Profile’. This will show a user’s profile information, friends, fans and what articles they have ‘hit’. You can check it out here….

2) You can now send/receive messages to/from your friends. You can only send messages to your ‘friends’. You can view your Inbox at – New Category… News

August 29, 2007

News Category

You can now search through the new ‘News’ categories for all kinds of Sigma Chi News. The new category can be found at the top of every page (just like the other categories). So don’t forget to check it out, ‘hit’ some articles. If you find some cool Sigma Chi News, make sure and submit it. – 1st SSSWOS Update

August 25, 2007

Two new features have been added to the site.

1) Users can enter a secondary email address to their account. Once you have logged in just go here to update your account and profile information.

2) Users can see their “fans”. What’s a “fan”? Any user that has added you to their friends list is a “fan”. Once you have logged in you can see your “fans” here

Enjoy and spread the word