Daniel Tosh Is Not A Sigma Chi

April 6, 2011

It has been rumored for a long time now that comedian Daniel Tosh is a Sigma Chi from the University of Central Florida. Today I was able to confirm with headquarters that he is NOT a Sigma Chi. In an email exchange with an employee at headquarters I was given the following response.

Nope, he’s not a member.

This may disappoint some of you. I’ve noticed over the last year that a ton of Sigs have sent messages to Daniel Tosh’s twitter account asking if he was indeed a Sigma Chi. I never once saw him actually respond to those messages. A few months back I sent a message to a Sig at the University of Central Florida asking if Daniel Tosh was initiated there. He sounded confused by my question and pretty much had no idea what I was talking about. But now that headquarters has responded, I think we can all agree that Daniel Tosh is not a Sigma Chi.

[updated: 4.06.2011 10:00am] A follow up response from headquarters.

He is not a member according to our database/ membership records.

We don’t know anything concrete about the rumors. The only thing we’ve heard is that he briefly pledged one of the Florida chapters and dropped well before Initiation, however we don’t have evidence to back that up.

For those that are still curious, feel free to contact headquarters on the matter here: (e) feedback@sigmachi.org (p) (847) 869-3655
Or use the contact list.