Mission 365 Is The Reason I Am a Sigma Chi

January 28, 2010

This is my own personal experience of going through rush and how Mission 365 changed my life.

When I got to college I was unsure about pledging a fraternity and had pretty much made up my mind that I wouldn’t do it. Part of me didn’t think there was a point to go through rush. When there were parties some friends and I would still go to all the different houses and have a lot of fun. Thats all I really saw in a fraternity, was having fun at a party. Members seemed to be really close friends, but I already had really close friends. The deciding factor was that I didn’t think I could keep up my g.p.a. if I was pledging. So when recruitment started that Fall I decided that I wasn’t going to rush a fraternity and would possibly give it a shot in the Spring if my grades were okay.

As the semester went on I hung out at most of the houses on campus and knew a good number of members at each of them. The High School I went to is in the same town as the college I attended so I already had friends in each fraternity. I was attending parties and going to lunch with brothers throughout the semester. I didn’t realize it then, but I was going through recruitment the whole time.

They might not have realized it, but the fraternities were going through recruitment too. How they treated each other was a big deal to me. I was watching their every move, how they interacted with brothers and how they treated their pledges. It stood out when a member praised another member and it stood out more when somebody would bad mouth another member who wasn’t around. Interactions on campus as well as parties played a role in how I perceived each fraternity.

Sigma Chi wasn’t even at the top of my list when the school year started. I knew less guys at Sigma Chi then I did at the other fraternities and nobody from my graduating class pledged Sigma Chi. As the semester went along I began to feel more and more comfortable at the Sigma Chi house. During Christmas break me and a buddy of mine decided we were for sure going to rush in the Spring. We attended parties when the semester started and signed up for rush.

The Fall semester is when most people go through rush and it is much more formal. The Spring semester doesn’t really have many rules so you just kinda hang out whenever you want at the fraternity houses. We had both gotten calls from a couple of houses during rush and hung out at all of em. Hardly anyone really thought me or my friend would pledge Sigma Chi. Mostly because people from our High School rarely did. But I remember towards the end of rush we were talking about it and he distinctly said “I”m starting to think Sigma Chi” and I responded with “Yeah, thats exactly what I was thinking”. I knew it was going to shock some people, but mostly I was excited that we were both gonna pledge Sigma Chi.

If my chapter wouldn’t have recruited me throughout the Fall semester I am pretty sure I never would have become a Sigma Chi. I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know all the guys and would have ended up rushing the same fraternity as other people I went to High School with. Mission 365 can be very powerful and in my case ended up changing my life.

If you want more information about Mission 365 then please contact Erich Sauer.

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Jacob Cook

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