You Make The Stereotype

April 27, 2010

The following is an excerpt from the blog RudderYaw. The blog is written by a Sigma Chi named Tim Russell. After reading this post I felt like I needed to share it with others, because I think a lot of us have had similar experiences after joining Sigma Chi. Here are a couple of paragraphs that most reminded me of my college experience.

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As far as “frat boys” go, in college I was mild.  I drank some beer, participated in some pranks, and even wore a toga or two.  However, as measured by the low bar many people have for the Greek system, I may have represented a disappointing alter-paradigm disproving the modern stereotype.

As an undergraduate, I was often confused why my membership in a fraternity was such a polarizing topic to others.  I lost friends who told me I had “sold out”.  I didn’t feel different.  Quite the opposite, I joined Sigma Chi because I was impressed with the organization’s historical commitment to the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning.  Even now, I anticipate some readers are rolling their eyes.

What some people don’t know about Greek organizations is that most were founded as literary or service societies.  The resumes of most fraternal founders are incredibly inspiring.  Unfortunately, today’s Greeks are known for debauchery and poor academic performance.  Even more heartbreaking is the behavior feeding those perceptions.

As a starry-eyed young man, I didn’t let negative sentiment influence my dedication.  I was committed to a set of guiding principles called, “the ritual”.  A majority of fraternities have rituals, and they are not what you might expect.
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—————– RudderYaw  03/24/2010 ——————————–


ShareSigmaChi NFL Draft App

April 15, 2010

The NFL Draft is only a week away and if you’re like me then its one of your favorite sporting events of the year. Last year I created a draft app that would allow anyone to fill out a big board of who they thought would be drafted and where. I made a few modifications to the app to make it easier to fill out.

Anyone who has signed up on can particpate and once the draft is over you can see who got the most picks right. It basically like a fantasy league, but just for the NFL Draft. Last year @duditz won by getting only 9 out of the 32 picks correct. Its much harder then you think. As soon as teams start trading picks, all our draft boards get blown up. It feels kinda like the first weekend of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament when “Cinderella” decides to win a game or two.

To participate just go here: ShareSigmaChi NFL Draft App
Remember you have to sign in if you want to save your draft board.

Here is a sneak peak at my draft board:
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Jacob Cook

Sigma Chi Cornerstone Board Video Contest

April 12, 2010

The Cornerstone Board is holding a “Short Video Contest.” The idea is that you can create a video on any topic you choose, as long as it portrays aspects of mentoring, leadership, and Sigma Chi. Please limit your video to 15 minutes or less. Multiple entries are allowed.

The Cornerstone Board, International Sweetheart & ShareSigmaChi will decide the winner of the contest. As a prize, The International Sweetheart will visit the winning chapter for an event of their choice, e.g. – recruitment event, sweetheart ball, Huntsman or CMN fundraiser, etc.

Remember: Players of all skill levels can produce great videos. Don’t be shy about participating!

  • Deadline for entries will be July 9, 2010.
  • The winning chapter will be announced at BLTW.
  • The International Sweetheart will visit the winning chapter for an event of their choice.

To submit your entry:

Jacob Cook

[update 5.24.2010] Check out the interview with Grand Consul Wayne Tucker discussing the Cornerstone Video Contest

Upcoming Cornerstone Podcast & Contest

April 7, 2010

I just got off a Skype call with a Cornerstone board member and I’m pretty excited about what they have planned. The first thing we are going to do is record a podcast in the next few weeks to discuss Cornerstone. The best part, the guest for the podcast is current Grand Consul Wayne Tucker. I’m really excited to be recording a podcast with another Grand Consul. (I was lucky enough to record a podcast with former Grand Consul Keith Krach discussing Horizons.)

The other exciting news is Cornerstone will be having a contest that your chapter will definitely want to get involved with. I should be getting some more information next week so be looking for another blog post with all the details.

Here are some links that have more information about Cornerstone:

[update 4.12.2010] Cornerstone has announced its “video contest” & your chapter’s chance to have the International Sweetheart visit for an event of your choosing.

Jacob Cook