College Football Bowl Pick ’em to support a Sigma Chi Scholarship

December 16, 2009

The Northeast Arkansas Alumni chapter (of which I am a member) is looking to raise money for one of our scholarships. The scholarship that you will be helping fund is the Scott Hale Scholarship. Just a few months ago they had a very successful banquet and golf tournament that raised money for the Scott Hale scholarship. We are hoping we can continue that success and donate a little bit more. They have created a College Football Pick’em that will allow you to not only donate to a Sigma Chi scholarship, but will also allow you to win some cash.

Here is an overview of the pick’em.

  • $12 buy-in
  • 70% of the pot goes to the winner(s)
  • No tie-breakers, in the event of a tie the money is split between the winners
  • 30% goes to the scholarship
  • Download the bracket/form, fill out your picks and email the form back to before the first game this Friday.
  • Pat yourself on the back for helping a good cause.

All of the details can be found over at in this post. Your buy-in is done safely and securely using Paypal and you don’t have to be a Sigma Chi to play.

Thank you to those who have already signed up, good luck and tell a friend.
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In Hoc,
Jacob Cook

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Sign up for the BETA

December 14, 2009

Well we are very happy to say that you can now sign up for the Sigma Chi Pledge Test BETA. We appreciate everyone being patient with us and waiting for the BETA to start. It’s really easy to get signed up and all you need is a Facebook account.

How to sign up?
First thing is go to Then just simply click on the Facebook Connect button and log into Facebook. After you have logged in you will be redirected back to and thats all you have to do. Once you have been redirected back to the site you will see your Facebook profile picture with a message that says “In Hoc, you’ve signed up for the BETA using your Facebook account”. At that point there is nothing left to do except for telling other Sigs about and wait for the website to officially launch.

Whats the BETA stuff about?
I’m not ready to completely launch the website just yet, but I still want people to be able to sign up so they’ll know about before it’s launch. There are a lot of Sigs who follow me on Twitter, are fans of the Facebook page, read the blog and listen to the podcasts and I wanted to show my appreciation by giving you guys a chance to win some free Sigma Chi stuff. My hope is that you won’t be stingy and will tell other Sigs about the website. The plan right now is to launch about the time the spring semester starts back.

Why signup?
When we launch Sigma Chi Pledge Test will allow you to take pledge tests to see how well you know your Sigma Chi knowledge. It can be used as a study tool for pledges and a refresher for members and alumni. You can create pledge tests and share them with other Sigs. Magisters can utilize this by creating a pledge test each week that contains the same questions as the test their pledges will take. The Magister can create the test, share it with their pledges and let them use it as a study tool. Pledges can even create their own pledge test if they want to.

Any free stuff?
Well of course, we always try to give away free Sigma Chi swag. This time I’ve got some Sigma Chi hats that we will be giving away. The hats were created by a Sigma Chi named Ben Miller who runs Bamm Promo. I’ve also got a few random items that I’m giving away. Here is a look at what you could win.

So make sure and sign up for the BETA and let be a learning tool for your chapter.
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In Hoc,
Jacob Cook

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Sigma Chi College Football Pick’em

December 9, 2009

As you have seen in the past I am a big fan of fantasy sports leagues and really enjoy participating in leagues with Sigs. Derek Wagner or @SigmaChiWagner on Twitter has been gracious enough to create a College Football Pick’em league for Sigma Chis. It’s a yahoo league that allows you to pick a winner for every bowl game and then assign “confidence points” to each game. These types of leagues are a lot of fun the more people you have, so feel free to pass on the league info to other Sigs.

Url to register:
Password: 12345
Group Id: 10685

All you have to is click the url ( to register and enter the password. I believe there are about 12 teams currently in the league. Let’s try to get as many as possible to join and see who is the best at picking bowl games.

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In Hoc,
Jacob Cook

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Sigma Chi and Social Media with Brad Wellman part II

December 2, 2009

Sigma Chi podcast by – Sigma Chi Podcast with Brad Wellman

In this episode we will be discussing some of new Sigma Chi’s newest endeavors into social media. We will discuss what we like about their social media strategies and how we think Sigma Chi can improve. We are both really impressed with the fraternity’s recent push into social media and excited to see what they do in the future.

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Host: Jacob Cook Running Time: 31:57

Show Links:

Its easy to stay up to date with the podcast and many ways to subscribe.

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