Tweets From Sigma Chi Balfour 2010

July 30, 2010

There are tons of Sigs tweeting about Balfour Leadership Training Workshop this year in Chapel Hill. If you want to follow what they’re all doing just go to

[update 7.30.2010 I’m gonna try to add more tweets as Balfour goes along. Keep the tweets coming.]

pendrysig: Expecting 1800+ brothers at #BLTWthis weekend #sigmachi

DannyLamas: @CHBush245 the fratmosphere is thick #BLTW

jaston9: Brotastic! #SigmaChi #BLTW

hdost: First lunch at #BLTW meals should be interesting 1400 cap. Over 1800 hungry sigs

CHBush245: Reppin’ the Old North State by explaining the various meanings behind what a “tar heel” acctually is to “foreigners”. #BLTW #SigmaChi

itsMrSpongtoyou: Thanks to keynote speaker L Wayne Tucker. Nobody can get a bunch of bros to cheer like he can. #BLTW

jaston9: Enough said #BLTW

gopaulblair: Initiation time for 8 guys; largest attendance for these guys ever? #1900#bltw #sigmachi

itsMrSpongtoyou: The official unofficial uniform of#BLTW: Topsiders, chino shorts and a Polo shirt. I am just glad I fit in.

CHBush245: Good morning #America! Another day of hardcore fratitude in Chapel Hill#BLTW #SigmaChi #DTOM

jaston9Wayne Tucker is fantastic! #BLTW

BenTreece: @sharesigmachi Wishing all the sigs the best at #bltw, again please check out#spikeformike #sigmachi

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Remembering Sigma Chi Experiences

July 21, 2010
This is a guest post written by James Armstrong who attended Westminster College in Fulton, MO. He was initiated at the Delta Tau Chapter in 1966.

During college, I well remember that we had to study for 4 1/2 hours per night (Sunday – Thursday) throughout my entire Freshman year of college even after we had been initiated. Those were the rules. Of course, scholarship was one of the traits that was a signature characteristic of one of the founders of Sigma Chi.

I have also learned in life that some traits are learned through example and not merely by words. Of course, this whole concept conveys an important part of the meaning of the White Cross. During three consecutive Delta Tau pledge classes graduating from college, there was at least one minister in each of those classes. In my own class, there was one who graduated from Westminster and another pledge brother, who had earlier transferred to another school, who wind up graduating from the U of Wisconsin, where he served as the chapter president.

Personally, I found our chapter at Delta Tau to be a great place to simply spread my wings a bit and get some experience in life. It was a wonderful beginning point in our lives as young adults, where we all learned from one another and we all learned the value of our Sigma Chi experience. We had fun together, we laughed, we played cards, we shot our rifles in the woods, we dated our sweethearts of long ago and, “yes,” we studied hard too and some of us succeeded greatly – – even on a global stage in the business and financial community.

I also remember that two consecutive Chapter Treasurers from the Delta Tau Chapter wind up serving as high-ranking officers of NYSE Companies.  James Hance (Westminster College, Class of 1966, who was initiated in 1963), who ultimately served as the Vice Chairman and former CFO of Bank America, today serves as a Senior Advisor to the Carlyle Group, where his current duties relate to leveraged buy-outs in the financial services sector.  The following year in our chapter, Charles B. Carden (Westminster College, Class of 1967, who was initiated in 1964) served in the same capacity as our Chapter Treasurer.  Today, he is currently on several boards of directors.  Previously, he held a series of executive management or financial management positions, including all of the following:  (1) SVP and CFO for Leaseway Transportation Corp., (2) EVP and CFO for Mariner Post-Acute Network and (3) SVP and CFO for John H. Harland Co.

But, all of us were changed by the experience and even transformed from awkward freshmen, who wondered about ourselves on the first day of class, to young men, who might one day change the world in which we lived. Some of my Sigma Chi brothers were even men, who had that chance, either in the business and financial community or as men “of the cloth,” where their faith commitments would lead other men and women plus boys and girls of all ages to make a commitment of their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord.

Finally, in my own experience, I also found that my preparation for life began in our chapter at Delta Tau where I was initiated in 1966 and where I wind up being elected as both our Corresponding Secretary and our Recording Secretary.  In another chapter during my junior year, I also served as Rush Chairman.  Those experiences collectively led me to a career in the media after graduate school at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.  As an example of my own outcome, ultimately I had the opportunity to represent BusinessWeek Magazine as a National Advertising Account Manager during a time when our magazine was consistently the leading national magazine in the US for advertising pages every year during my 13 year tenure.  Then, 10 years ago, I began my own media representation firm, James Armstrong & Associates, and I also had the opportunity to write a book entitled “Now What:  Discovering Your New Life & Career after 50.”  So, I have been privileged to become a media executive and author.  But, it all started in Fulton, MO at the Delta Tau Chapter of Sigma Chi.

James Armstrong

For Sigma Chi brothers wishing to contact Brother Armstrong, he can be reached at  Armstrong was initiated into the Delta Tau Chapter in 1966 and graduated from Westminster College in Fulton, MO in 1969.  For friends and colleagues, who have known him in the past, he can also be found as a member on both Linked In and Facebook.

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The World’s Greatest College Weekend – Sigma Chi Cycling

July 13, 2010

More information and details about the Sigma Chi Cycling team can be found here:

Showcased at Indiana University, seven-time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong said the race was “the coolest event I ever attended.” The Little 500 however is much more than a bike race. It is the biggest intramural event on campus and the largest colligate bike race in the World. Going into its 60th year, the Little 500 also boasts a tradition like few other college events. More than 25,000 people attend the men’s race every year, and numerous track events.

If you’ve seen the Academy Award winning film “Breaking Away,” you know the rivalry between the Cutters (independents) and the Fraternities. Amazingly, the rivalry holds true 30 years later. Sigma Chi last won the race in 1994. In 2011, Sigma Chi returns its full team for a powerful push toward the checkered flag.

To commemorate the race and connect Cycling Sig’s across the country, we designed professional team apparel, made in the USA by Louis Garneau. We are currently looking for sponsors and the kits are now available at our Team Store.

If you have interest in Sponsorship or purchasing your custom kit
contact: Adam Fish (847) 254-2998

Sigma Chi Cycling Jersey
Sigma Chi Cycling Bib Shorts
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A Letter From Mrs. Milton Hall

July 8, 2010

When I was an undergraduate I came across the following letter written by Mrs. Milton Hall. Its a touching story that shows how a fraternity like Sigma Chi can have a lasting affect on people. This past week I just happen to come across it again on Facebook.  There isn’t much background information for this story. I tried searching for a few days and couldn’t even get anything from HQ. All I know is that the letter was written in 1957 at George Washington University. After reading it again I felt it was necessary to post it for others to enjoy. Hopefully it will remind you just how strong brotherhood can be. If anyone happens to know a bit more about the story, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.


A Letter From Mrs. Milton Hall
3652 Gunston Road
Alexandria, Virginia
February 8, 1957
Sigma Chi Fraternity
2603 Sheridan Road
Evanston, Illinois

On the 19th of this month it will be one year since my son was pledged to Epsilon chapter at George Washington University. On October 1st he died as a result of a malignant brain tumor.

When he entered G.W.U. last year for the spring semester his father and I had not encouraged him to sign up for rushing. He had three bald patches on his head as the result of intensive x-ray therapy, and the fact that he suffered from double vision gave him a rather vacant staring expression. In spite of the fact that he was basically good-looking and had a strong high school record both in academic and extra-curricular activities, we were afraid that he would be rejected by strangers. However, he went ahead, chose Sigma Chi and was chosen by them. This brings me to the premier of my letter. I think the Fraternity Headquarters should be apprised of a chapter which surely lives up to the nobility of purpose and brotherhood of man as exemplified in your laws. The members made him feel comfortable at once. He entered into all phases of pledge commitment and his life assumed for a short time that feeling of normalcy we all crave.

Two days after he finished his exams he entered the hospital. On May 31st the boys came there and initiated him, placing the pin on his hospital gown. He was very proud and often held the pin in his hand in days to come. Shortly thereafter he slipped into a coma.

I have tried to tell some of the boys the importance of what they did for David and how much it meant to us, his parents, but I always receive the same answer: “Mrs. Hall, it was what Dave did for us that counts.” They found his courage an inspiration.

David’s father is a member of one of the country’s oldest fraternities. He assures me that never was he initiated with the dedication to true values with which these boys at Sigma Chi are inspired. This helped to give one boy the strength to rise about any affliction, even the promise of death.

Mrs. Milton Hall


You can read this letter and more literary exercises here:


Jacob Cook

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