ShareSigmaChi.com hopes to bring Sigma Chi content together for easy access. Users will be able to share Sigma Chi content that they have found or have created theirself. Whether your looking for news, images, rush videos, inspirational audio files or even old Sigma Chi documents, ShareSigmaChi.com can make these easier for you to find. All while letting you express your views to the community about everything that has been submitted.

There are other various sections that can be very useful. One is the “Learn” section where you can take a SSSWOS style pledge tests to see how well you know your “Sigma Chi Knowledge” and also compare it to other SSSWOS users.

ShareSigmaChi.com also produces a “Sigma Chi Podcast”. You can learn about the fraternity’s past, famous Sigs and we also let you know about any updates made to http://www.sharesigmachi.com

For more information try going to http://www.sharesigmachi.com/Help/

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  1. noah says:

    This is a great site! glad to see you collecting all this awesome content!

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