Sigma Chi Challenge Coin Giveaway – The Aftermath

August 26, 2009

In case you haven’t been following us on Twitter we just finished a promotion with the company Greek Challenge Coins. The promotion gave Sigs an opportunity to win a Sigma Chi Challenge Coin for free. Every time you added #GreekCoins to a tweet you were entered to win.  A few hundred tweets later there were 12 coins given away. For more details about the giveaway you can read our earlier blog post.

I must say I was very impressed with how well the promotion went. Everyone that entered the contest was excited and very appreciative for the opportunity to win. I have even heard from some of you that you plan on buying some coins, which is great. It would really be nice to see Greek Challenge Coins get some new Sigma Chi business because of this promotion and if you get a chance make sure and let them know how much you appreciate their generosity. I was one the lucky ones who won a coin and I was very impressed with it’s quality. I can guarantee you that it would make a great BigBro/LilBro gift.

So what’s next? Well I am asking you guys whats next. I have already had some interest from another company who is wanting to do a twitter promotion. This company sells various fraternity items so you would probably have different prizes given away each time. They are currently debating if they will do a promotion. If you want us to do another promotion where you could win free stuff, then let us know in the comments. Also tell us what products you want to see given away, because they have been asking “what products would they want”.

During the challenge coin contest I was lucky enough to win more then 1 coin. I kept the 1st coin, gave the 2nd coin to my little bro and trying to decide how to give away my 3rd coin. I have been wanting to do something for the ShareSigmaChi Fans on Facebook. So it is very possible that I could do some sort of Facebook promotion.

So leave a comment here on this post and let us know what you guys want or you can send us an email: contact [at] sharesigmachi [dot] com

Thanks again for all your support.

In Hoc,
Jacob Cook

Rush/Recruitment Week: The Life Blood of Sigma Chi

August 20, 2009

The 2nd most important week for any Sigma Chi Chapter is quickly approaching and may have already started for some chapters. The week that follows months of hard work and preparation can become a huge boost or major let down to your chapter morale…. Recruitment Week. I say it is the 2nd most important because it is hard to argue against Initiation Week.

The events, schedule and actions during recruitment week are different for every chapter. Some may only have 3 days of campus sanctioned recruitment, your chapter may only be allowed to “rush” potential members during certain hours of the day and night, and some chapters may have a full week “free for all”. No matter how your recruitment week is setup it is crucial for every chapter to be as productive as possible.  This doesn’t mean that you have to give out the most bids or get the most pledges either.

Quality Over Quantity
I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity mostly because I’ve seen what happens when your main priority is the # of pledges you get. Sure its great at first going around campus telling everyone how Sigma Chi got the most pledges because most people on campus use that to measure how well you did during rush. The problem with worrying about your numbers and getting all these guys, is that you have “all” these guys. If you don’t do your due diligence and make sure you are getting quality guys, then you end up with a fraternity that has a lot of guys who don’t make your chapter better. This only makes things harder for your quality members to make your chapter successful.

The Standard

Every Sigma Chi knows what I mean when I say “The Standard”. The following are the minimum requirements to pledge Sigma Chi as stated in the Jordan Standard.

  • A Man of Good Character…….
  • A Student of Fair Ability…….
  • With Ambitious Purposes…….
  • A Congenial Disposition…….
  • Possessed of Good Morals…….
  • Having a High Sense of Honor and
  • A Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility.

So make sure during recruitment week that you use “The Standard” while getting to know potential members. That’s what it’s there for.

Sharing Ideas
I wrote this post hoping it could serve as a central hub for Sigs to share their recruitment ideas, thoughts, events and questions. I encourage all Sigs to post comments with ideas for rush events or ask any questions you have about rush week.

Remember that recruitment week can take your chapter to a new high or if not given the proper attention can bring a chapter down. So I encourage all Sigs to participate in their recruitment week, do the best that you can and let’s add some more quality guys to the 200,000+ that we already have.

Jacob Cook