Sigma Chi Pledge Test allows anyone to take, create and share a Sigma Chi pledge test online. I hope that it becomes a major learning tool for pledges and magisters. Anyone is allowed to sign up and start taking or creating tests.

Hopefully pledges will find it useful to create tests online and share them with their pledge brothers. This way they have another option for studying besides just reading their Norman Shield. Make sure you are creating high quality tests because people from other chapters will also be taking these tests that you create.

Magisters feel free to be descriptive with your test names. Such as “Theta Chi Week 1 Founding Test”. This way it makes them easier to find as well as gives others a good idea of what the test contains.

Remember that the site is available for anyone, not just magisters and pledges. If you have questions feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

In Hoc,

Jacob Cook


3 Responses to Sigma Chi Pledge Test

  1. I am a brother of the Lambda Beta Chapter. I recommended this testing site to our pledges but it would not work unless you were logged into facebook.

    I don’t know if it was Facebook or the website, but it would not log me or some of the pledges into Facebook via Is there a way they can take the test without logging into Facebook??

    Lambda Beta Brother

    • Jacob says:

      I apologize for the issues. The thing I don’t like about having the Facebook login is that it acts a little wonky sometimes. I’ll look into the issue and see if I can’t get it resolved. You may just have the pledges try logging in a little later to see if it’s working.

      I hope you enjoy the site and that it’s helpful.

      – Jacob

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