High Ambitions October 2011

October 21, 2011

Original Article:

Dear Brother,

We, as the brothers of Sigma Chi, have made a lifelong commitment to upholding our values and ideals. Explicit within that commitment is a promise to obey the laws of our Fraternity. We do this, both in our chapter and in the Fraternity at-large.

As is sometimes the case, one of us may falter and not quite live up to that obligation. When that happens, Sigma Chi looks to the brothers of the involved chapter to hold that brother accountable for his actions. This is the preferred response within Sigma Chi. If the chapter cannot or will not police itself, the General Fraternity may be required to step in to protect the safety of the brethren, the reputation and honor of the Fraternity, or to expect a just and equitable outcome to a given situation.

This is what occurred a few weeks ago with the chapter at Towson University, and regretfully, it was necessary to suspend the chapter. The chapter had faced repeated violations over the years.

Thankfully it is not often that the Fraternity is required to suspend or revoke the charter of a chapter that has not evidenced our high ideals. When this does happen, we must look to the future and posture our actions to permit the return of recognition of the chapter at the earliest practical moment. Earliest practical moment does not mean immediate. We may be required to delay reinstatement of a chapter for years, depending on the circumstances or the original cause for withdrawal of recognition.

I, as Grand Consul, do not want to lose a chapter, but I will request the Executive Committee to take whatever action is necessary, including withdrawal of chapter recognition, if the honor of Sigma Chi requires me to do so. Likewise, if any given brother soils the purity of the White Cross by actions inconsistent with our ideals, he must be held accountable.

Sigma Chi expects more from its members than from other men. Guard well the honor of the Cross.

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Dennis Santoli
67th Grand Consul