Sigma Chi Pledge Tests – Stats & Numbers

June 29, 2011

One of the main reasons I created ShareSigmaChi was to help Sigs share Sigma Chi related stuff with other Sigs. I believe that a lot can be gained by the fraternity if pledges/members/alum/chapters just share their knowledge with each other. Ideas for philanthropy, parties, derby days, alumni events & tailgates could help chapters in all sorts of ways. More importantly chapters could share i-week or pledge membership information with one another (in a secure manner of course).

Pledge Tests

The other big part of ShareSigmaChi are the pledge tests. I’ve always thought it made sense to allow pledges to study/learn online. When I was in school the only ways to learn about Sigma Chi were to read your Norman Shield or talk to members. Obviously I’m not saying that pledges shouldn’t read their Norman Shielf or talk to members. But there are a lot of times that those two options aren’t available.

Version 1

So why not make the information available online so pledges can study whenever they want? This is what I have tried to do. The original version of the “ShareSigmaChi Pledge Test” was made up of 44 multiple choice questions. All the questions and answers were filled out by me doing research. The problem with this version was that I was the only one who could create new questions and answers. I would add a question here and there, but eventually I moved on to other projects. Version 1 I felt was pretty successful. It served its purpose and in total questions had been answered over 15,000 times. The graph below shows the questions and what percentage they were answered right (

Version 2

Some of the faults of Version 1 were that nobody else could create their own questions and you didn’t have an easy way of sharing the questions with other Sigs. So with Version 2 I decided to create a brand new website solely dedicated to creating and sharing Sigma Chi pledge tests. Version 2 allows you to create pledge tests with as many questions as you want. You decide the pledge test name, description and whatever questions and answers you want. Each test is given its own unique url. You can share that url with other people. Also somebody takes one of your pledge tests, they can share their score on facebook to invite others to take your pledge test.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the new version. There are a few updates I’d like to do, but its all a matter of having enough free time. For now it will do and I just hope that Sigs can find it useful.

– Jacob

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Sigma Chi Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Kindle Covers & More

September 16, 2010

Exciting news just keeps coming. Last week I mentioned that during our Sigma Chi Pledge Test giveaway that you could win some free Sigma Chi stuff. Such as hats, koozies & license plates. Out of the blue I got an email from a company called “Coveroo”. They specialize in making covers for items such as phones, computers and even Kindles. It turns out they want to give away some free Sigma Chi stuff to you guys so their throwing in some free items to the giveaway.

They are giving the winners a code that can be redeemed on the website for any of their products. They have cases for Iphones, Ipods, Ipads, Blackberry devices, Kindles and more. The best part about the case is that you can customize them with different logos (even send them your own logo). The item to the left is one that I picked out on their website for my Iphone 3GS. This isn’t their only Sigma Chi option either. Personally I am very excited about Coveroo’s addition to the contest and can’t wait to get mine in the mail. I’ll definitely post an update with pictures and video once it comes in.

Remember its really easy to participate in the contest. Just use and share it with other Sigs. For all contest rules and details visit our previous blog post:

The contest will last as long as we have stuff to give away. You have plenty of time to enter so go ahead and visit and get started. Look for us to start announcing some winners in a week or so.

If you have questions just let me know in the comments.

Sigma Chi Pledge Test Giveaway

September 9, 2010

You may have noticed that has officially launched. I also have been hinting at giving away some free Sigma Chi stuff to go along with the launching of the site. Well I’ve finally got some details for you.

The Prizes

Sigma Chi Hats

The prizes will consist of Sigma Chi hats (as shown to the left). I’m also gonna throw in some random stuff for a few lucky people. I’ve got some old koozies and licence plates that I’ve had sitting around and thought maybe some people would enjoy em. I’ll post pictures of the other stuff here soon.

How To Win*

  1. Sign up at
  2. Take a pledge test on the site
  3. Share your score from a test on Facebook **
  4. Create a pledge test on the site
  5. Share your created pledge test on Facebook**

The contest will last about a month so we can make sure that the majority of schools have finished with recruitment and inducted their new pledge class. Once there are enough valid entries I’ll review them and pick some winners. Winners will mostly be picked randomly, but I want to make sure the winners are creating and taking “valuable” tests*.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.

*Make sure you are creating and taking a “valuable” test. We will review the tests and pick winners based on how “valuable” their tests are. (ex: don’t create a 1 question test that says “what is 1 + 1”).

**You must use the “Share On Facebook” button on the Sigma Chi Pledge Test website. that way we know that you actually shared your test and/or score. See video above.

How To Take A Sigma Chi Pledge Test

September 7, 2010

I just launched and I wanted to show everyone how to use the site. One of the biggest parts of the website is taking a Sigma Chi Pledge Test. The following video shows you just how to do that. It also shows how you can post your score to Facebook for your friends to see. Its important that you know how to take tests on the website, create tests for others and also be able to share your scores on Facebook. The reason you’ll want to know how to do all this stuff is because we’ll be giving away some Sigma Chi stuff for those who participate on the site. We’ll have more details in the near future.

Sigma Chi Pledge Test – A Magister/Pledge Tool

September 2, 2010

In the past year I started with an idea of allowing Sigs to create and share their own pledge tests online. This could give magisters a chance to create tests for their pledges and allow them to take them anytime they wanted. When I was pledging the only way to study for a pledge test was to read the Norman Shield or ask questions to a member. Both of these are great ways to study, but they required you to have your Norman Shield or a member around.

Norman Shield

Since then I created for anyone to create and share Sigma Chi pledge tests. My plan was to launch the website months ago, but life has been a little hectic (broke my leg and had our first child, a baby girl). Now that things have settled down a bit I found some time to get things ready and make it available.

The site is available for anyone. Magisters can create pledge test for their pledges. Even pledges can create tests to use as studying material. Maybe even a few members will want to see how much they remember. The only requirement is that you have a Facebook account. Since the website uses Facebook Connect we give you the opportunity to share pledge tests or your test scores with your friends. There are a handful of tests already created so you can go ahead and get started.

Also upcoming you can expect a small giveaway for users of, but more on that next week.

In Hoc,

Jacob Cook

Sigma Chi Pledge Test, Giveaways and Podcasts – Ending ’09

November 17, 2009

There is less than 2months left in 2009 and I’ve got a few things that I want to do before 2010 gets here. A few ideas that have been in works for some time now and I’m pretty confident that you’ll see them real soon. You can plan on seeing at least 1 more podcast by the end of this month and possibly another podcast in December. You will definitely have a chance to win some free Sigma Chi gear and as soon as we work out the details we’ll let you know how. The last and probably biggest idea is that I’ll be launching a new Sigma Chi website.

Upcoming Podcast

Back in September we recorded a podcast with Brad Wellman discussing Sigma Chi and Social Media. The majority of the podcast we said that Sigma Chi wasn’t utilizing social media like they should (it’s one of the reasons why I started ShareSigmaChi over 2 years ago). We both agreed that the fraternity should be using these social media outlets to communicate, share, help and connect Sigs.  I guess HQ was listening because within the last month they started to become more active on Facebook and a Twitter account. Brad and I will discuss this sudden increase in social media activities, what we like/dislike about these activities and how we think they could improve. I am excited to see the fraternity taking a step forward and anxious to see how they leverage social media to help Sigs.

Upcoming Giveaway

If you follow ShareSigmaChi on Twitter then you were one of the first to see the hats that we will be giving away. The hats came from Bamm Promo which is a “promotional products” company run by a Sigma Chi. If you get a chance check them out or send Ben an email. I haven’t worked out the details of the giveaway just yet, but we will definitely let you know as soon as we get it ironed out. The one thing I can you is that the giveaway will be a part of the new Sigma Chi website that we are also launching.


Sigma Chi Pledge Test will be a new learning tool for Sigs and we plan on launching the BETA by the end of the year. I know what you’re thinking “Share Sigma Chi already has pledge tests“. I decided that since this new site will be so much different and offer more functionality that it would be best to host it on it’s own site. The old pledge tests will stay in tact and can be accessed by anybody with a ShareSigmaChi account.
I think most of you will be really happy with the new Sigma Chi Pledge Test site. The parts of the site that I am most excited about is that all of the authentication will use Facebook Connect so you won’t have to create a new account and not only can you take pledge tests, but you will be able to create your own pledge tests and share them with other Sigs. It will be really easy for magisters to create a test and share it with all of their pledges so they can prepare for their weekly test.

The BETA will be launching soon and I will need your help to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is also where the hats we’re giving away will come in. Most likely the hats will be randomly given out to Sigs who sign up and participate in the BETA. It’s basically a way for me to say “thank you” to all you Sigs who “Share Sigma Chi”. So be on the look out and feel free to use this short url to share this post with other Sigs

In Hoc,
Jacob Cook

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