Sigma Chi Balfour Leader Training Workshop 2009

July 29, 2009

Sigma Chi BLTW will start tomorrow July 30th and will give the leaders from undergraduate chapters a chance to participate in discussions, talks, presentations, think groups and chapter problem solving sessions. Hopefully after 4 days of these activities every undergraduate will have a plan and motivation to return home and make their chapter better.

The fraternity defines Balfour as the following:
“The Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, established in 1947, is an annual summer program designed to improve the quality of leadership in the organization. At Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, current undergraduate chapter leaders are challenged to clarify their values and the role those values play in their leadership decision-making.”

This year’s workshop will be held July 30 to Aug. 1, 2009 at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, N.C. Its theme is “By This Act of Ours.”

ShareSigmaChi will be producing a BLTW podcast once the event is over with 2 Sigs that are attending. Hopefully the podcast can give those that couldn’t attend BLTW a glimpse of what it’s like to attend.  Another great way to accomplish this is to update your facebook or twitter status while you’re at Balfour. So any Sigs that read this and are attending BLTW, please update your status throughout the day so others can get a feel of what’s happening at BLTW. We will post more info about our podcast once Balfour is over.

Remember you can keep up with ShareSigmaChi on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You really want to keep track on Twitter during the month of August because ShareSigmaChi has teamed up with Greek Challenge Coins for a Twitter promotion that is giving away 12 free Sigma Chi Greek Challenge Coins.


ShareSigmaChi and Free Sigma Chi Challenege Coin

July 27, 2009

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that we have been discussing “Greek Challenge Coins” on Twitter. I have always wanted to have a challenge coin of my own and really think they make a great BigBro/LittleBro gift. After asking around it turns out that are a good number of people who would also like to own a challenge coin.

The next thing we did was find a company who would be interested in giving out some free Sigma Chi coins. We were very lucky to get in touch with a guy named Chris who runs Greek Challenege Coins LLC and he was more than happy to help us out. During our discussions we decided that ShareSigmaChi & Greek Challenge Coins should team up for a Twitter promotion similar to our Sigma Chi bday giveaway. Except there is one big difference. There won’t be just one prize given away, Greek Challenge Coins has been gracious enough to give 12 Sigma Chi challenge coins. Here are some more details.

  • Every Tuesday for the month of August,  3 Sigma Chi challenge coins will be given away. August 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th
  • To be entered all you have to do is insert the hashtag #GreekCoins into your tweets on those days.
  • Every tweet that contains the #GreekCoins will enter you into the contest and each winner is selected randomly.

ShareSigmaChi can not thank Chris & Greek Challenge Coins enough for giving out these coins. I hope that any Sigma Chi that reads this and/or participates in the contest will check their website. I really want this promotion to be as beneficial to Greek Challenge Coins as it will be for the Sigs that participate. If you want to keep track of Greek Challenge Coins then I would highly suggest signing up for their email mailing list.

August 4th Winners: @SigmaChiWagner @jacook11 @duditz
August 11th Winners: @FatherKingsbury @rajanshah @Maderrg
August 18th Winners: @ShareSigmaChi @DannyLamas @EvanMiller67
August 25th Winners: @ShareSigmaChi @InHocPhil @ShortBusKing54


ShareSigmaChi Fantasy Football League

July 22, 2009

Mini camps are right around the corner, which means only one thing. Football season is approaching. Last year we had two fantasy football leagues for Sigs and we are hoping we have to create even more this year to accommodate everyone. So if you enjoy playing fantasy football and enjoy meeting new Sigs, then this is right up your alley. Here is the league info to sign up. Please only sign up if you’re a Sigma Chi and only send the league info to other Sigs.

League 1 has been filled
League Url:
League Id: 320631
League Name: ShareSigmaChi Football
Password: sharesigmachi

League 2 has been filled
League Url:
League Id: 389822
League Name: ShareSigmaChi2
Password: sharesigmachi

So feel free to share the league info with any Sigma Chi who is interested. If this first league fills up, then we will create a second league and post it’s info here. And one last thing, please don’t have a lame team name. Come up with something creative.

[update] 7/26/2009 We currently have 7 teams in the league and are looking for 3 more.

[update] 7/30/2009 The league has been filled. We have created a 2nd league and the info can be found above.

You can keep with ShareSigmaChi on Facebook and Twitter

ShareSigmaChi Podcast Episode 12

July 21, 2009

Sigma Chi podcast by – Sigma Chi Podcast with “Your Graphics” co-founder Cory Williamson

In this episode we will be discussing Cory’s new online initiative for web/graphic designers called “Your Graphics”. We will also discuss the new and the old “InCircle”.

Host: Jacob Cook Running Time: 36:37

Show Links:

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Sigma Chi Headquarters launches a new website for Sigs

July 3, 2009

We have some really big news in this episode of the ShareSigmaChi podcasts.

The Sigma Chi Fraternity is launching a brand new website and ShareSigmaChi is one of the first and very proud to announce  will allow it’s members to connect with one another and will be the most important website for Sigs who want to connect. This website will become the “private” network for Sigs, while will continue to be the “public” site for Sigma Chi. In this podcast we will discuss what is, how it will serve Sigma Chi members and why you should register right now.

First, I just want to say “thank you”. We are very fortunate and appreciative that we were able to provide you with information about this new website. The next issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi will have more information about so make sure to check it out as well.

Check out the podcast we recorded with Jim D’Amico the Project Manager/Designer of the
The podcast will discuss many of the different aspects to the site and what you need to do to get started.

Sigma Chi podcast by – The new online initiative from Sigma Chi Headquarters (
Host: Jacob Cook Running Time: 48:18

Its easy to stay up to date with the podcast and many ways to subscribe.

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