Greek Store Online Starts Giving Away Free Greek Merchandise This Friday

March 30, 2010

Last week I mentioned that I had been in talks with a company about giving away some free Sigma Chi stuff to promote their company.  Well now I can tell you who the company is and when the promotion starts. It and the promotion starts now.

The first of numerous drawings will be this Thursday, April 1st.
You’ve got a few days to build up your entries before the first drawing. There will be various Greek Merchandise being given away such as shirts, flags, glassware, decals and gift certificates. Twitter and Facebook are just two of the many ways you can enter for a chance to win.

Here are some pretty important links during the promotion:

I’d like to thank James Jones from for putting this promotion together. James is a Sigma Chi from UNF and without his generosity this wouldn’t have been possible. Everything from comes from licensed vendors and I hope many of you will remember James the next time you are looking to buy some Sigma Chi gear.

[update 4.2.2010] The first winner was @duditz. Congrats on winning a  new flag. (video of the winner with his new flag)

[update 4.8.2010] The second winner was @AlexJarvis. Congrats on winning a new Sigma Chi shirt. (pic of the winner wearing his new shirt)

[update 4.15.2010] The third winner was @mikedokas. Mike choose a gift card and used it to buy a Sigma Chi hoodie.

[update 4.22.2010] The fourth winner was @isaac1855. Congrats on winning a new Sigma Chi flag.

Jacob Cook

Somebody Is Giving Away Sigma Chi Gear In April

March 24, 2010

[update 3.30.2010] This updated post describes the contest.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been in talks with a company who sells various Greek gear about doing some sort of promotion on Facebook & Twitter. I really appreciate the support I receive from Sigs and these promotions seem like a good way to give back and say “thank you”. I can’t give out all the details just yet, but I can confirm the promotion will start within days.

I don’t want to say who the company is just yet, because I want them to have an opportunity to announce the details. I can give you a few hints at the various ways you can participate and have a chance to win.

  • Fill out a contest sign up form
  • Following and sending a specific tweet on Twitter
  • Becoming a Facebook fan and updating your status with a specific message
  • Purchases made with this company will automatically enter you into the contest

Shirts, Flags, Glassware, Decals and Gift Certificates are a few of the items that you could win. I’ll post more details as soon as I can.
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In Hoc,

Jacob Cook
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Sigma Chi NCAA Tourney Pick’em 2010

March 12, 2010

March Madness is here and its time to see who’s got the best bracket. If you’re a Sigma Chi alum, active or pledge then join our group. There is no limit to the amount of people who can join and each person can fill out two brackets.  Good Luck.

League Info:
Url: Sigma Chi Tourney Pick Em
Group Id: 52370
Password: inhoc

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Sigma Chi Horizons Quotes From Keith Krach And Others

March 10, 2010

In June of 2009 I was lucky enough to record a Horizons podcast with former Grand Consul Keith Krach. There were two other Sigs who have been to Horizons that participate and gave their thoughts about the experience. I was listening to the podcast and realized there were some really good quotes by all three of em. So I decided to strip out the quotes and put some music to them. Feel free to use this and share with your chapter with this short link:

Keith Krach, Cory Williamson, Martin Erbele
Running Time:  1:34

Show Links

Its easy to stay up to date with the podcast and many ways to subscribe.

Subscribe to the Podcast or use iTunes

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Sigma Chi Fantasy Baseball League 2010

March 1, 2010

If you read this blog then you know we create Sigma Chi fantasy leagues for various sports. The goal is to allow Sigs who may have never met each other to engage and meet new brothers. We just created another league for fantasy baseball. Its a “head to head” league that allows for 12 teams max. The rules are the Yahoo default settings, but we can change them if people want. When this league fills up (it did last year) then we’ll get another league created. We will help bring together Sigs who didn’t get to join the first league so they can create another league for themselves.

The league is available for any Sigma Chi active, alum or pledge. Feel free to pass the info along to other Sigs.

League Id: 357027
League Url:
League Password: inhoc

[update 3.5.2010] There are only 2 spots available in the league. If the league fills up and we need to create another we will do that. Just leave a comment below if you are wanting to play, but couldn’t get in.
[update 3.8.2010] The league is full. If you didn’t get join then please leave a comment below and we can start another league.

[update 3.24.2010] Another Sigma Chi has created a another group for anyone interested.  Its an ESPN league with head-to-head scoring.
[update 3.29.2010] Only 3 spots left. Contact Noah Buck if you would like to join. Either by email [] or Facebook [].

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