Sigma Chi Sweetheart Song – Blues Version by Devon Wright

I was sent this new version of the Sweetheart Song the other day. It’s a blues version. The creator of the song is Devon Wright, initiated in 2007 at The University of Western Ontario, Epsilon Omicron chapter. Devon is also a member of the Toronto Alumni Chapter.

Here is what Devon had to say after I contacted him about the song:

I was inspired to rewrite the Sweetheart Song when I came across a contest that Grand Chapter ran this year to mark the songs 100th anniversary. It seemed like a great way to inspire some modern interpretations of this old school song.

Singing the sweetheart song is one of those truly unique experiences that sticks out in my mind of what it is to be a Sigma Chi. If you weren’t in a Greek Organization, you may never actually be put in a situation where you have to get down on one knee and sing your heart out to a group of beautiful girls. It sounds trivial, but those little experiences – the ones that put you out there in ways you other wise would have shied away from – those experiences really add up to build your character. And thats really the value of being a Sig, I believe. Remaking the Sweetheart Song was just a way for me to re-experience that valuable lesson the song has to offer. I remade the song, sang my heart out, and put it out their for people to see. I am glad to see people are enjoying it 🙂

A big thanks goes out to my good friend Arif Mirabdolbaghi, who worked with my rough vision of the vocals, and came out with those beautifully bluesy strings to accompany me. Also, thanks to my band mate Matt Hunter for helping me review the track.

If you’d like to help support Devon, than check out his band “The Wheel Wells”.


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