The Sigma Chi Foundation Information for 2009-2010

President and CEO of the Sigma Chi Foundation, Greg Harbaugh sent out some interesting information in an email. I thought I’d recap it for those who may have not have seen it.


  • Provided $125,000 in general academic scholarships, a 25% increase over the previous year.
  • Provided $198,000 in academic scholarship grants through the many chapter-specific scholarship funds we manage on behalf of individual chapters.
  • Reduced our operating expenses by 4% (a 23% reduction over the past three years).

Provided nearly $1.45 million in leadership program grants, which includes:

  • 64% of the direct costs for Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.
  • 100% of the Cornerstone mentor program.
  • 100% of the Horizons leadership program.
  • 100% of the Journey chapter retreat program.
  • 100% of the Choices/Betty Ford Center alcohol and drug education program.

At the end they provided this stat:

  • Less than 3% of all Sigma Chi alumni support the foundation – We need your support!

The email links here where all this information is available and asks you to contribute to the foundation. Are you a part of that 3%?

– Jacob


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