Proof That Sigma Chi Is Everywhere

Here is an email I received the other day. I think it shows just how far Sigma Chi reaches and not just in the United States.

So a funny thing happened 10 minutes ago that I thought you might enjoy hearing about.

I just got off the bus after classes and was walking to my house when I struck up a conversation with two elderly women who were out for a walk. After a moment they asked me if I lived in the area and I pointed to our chapter house, an unassuming brown and white split amongst a row of student housing here. One of the ladies asked what the “EX” in the window stood for, so I told her it was Sigma Chi and that I was a member. Suddenly the other women raised her hand to her heart and started singing “The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi”. Astounded, I joined in and when we were done I asked her how she knew the song, expecting a son or grandson of hers to be a Sig (keep in mind Greek life isn’t huge in Canada and our chapter is only 23 years old) . She remarked that everyone knows that song, and that she even knew the composer, Dudleigh Verson from Albion College. Surprised me just a little bit!

Hope that you’re having a good Monday.

Matthew Colphon

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One Response to Proof That Sigma Chi Is Everywhere

  1. cbemerine says:

    A beautiful story thanks for sharing. I bet you made her day when you sang with her, she certainly made yours and now through you mine. Imagine the odds being where you were, the ladies being there as well, striking up a conversation, etc…

    In Hoc,
    Epsilon Kappa 82-83
    MSU (UofM)