Alumni Chapter Consistency Is Key

September 30, 2010

Consistency Is Key

When I look back over the last 5 years since graduating college I’ve seen my alumni chapter go through some ups and downs. We’ve held successful charity and brotherhood events. Raised thousands of dollars for scholarships and helped put a new roof on the fraternity house.

Even with all the good we have done there has been times where nothing gets done. Months will pass between meetings and when we did meet nothing was accomplished. There was a time I think we went nearly a whole year without doing anything. When it came time to pay our dues to nationals the president would basically fork over his own money because we hadn’t collected dues all year.

Let me be clear that this post isn’t meant to be a bash session about anyone or any alumni chapter. My hope is that somebody will read it and learn from our mistakes.

Maybe the biggest issue my alumni chapter faced was a lack of consistency. Things would be great as long as we were meeting on a regular basis. Everyone knew that once a month we would meet and we all looked forward to it. If we ever skipped a month or two it would start going downhill. People would forget about our meetings and it became to easy not to go. People would use the excuse “I didn’t know if we were having a meeting or not.” and you couldn’t really argue because our meetings weren’t consistent.

If you’re running an alumni chapter I can’t stress enough the importance of consistency. Even if you know only 2 brothers are coming to a meeting. It doesn’t matter, you still need to have the meeting and carry on like it’s business as usual. That way your group has a reputation for always being at a specific place at a specific time. Brothers will know and remember when & where the meetings are and you’ll notice a larger attendance.

I think its time I start taking my own advice and make sure my alumni chapter is on track.

Jacob Cook

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