A Sweetheart and Her Norman Shield

The following is a guest post written by Sigma Chi Sweetheart Summer Beasley. Summer is currently the Sweetheart for the Iota Alpha chapter. You can contact her on Twitter at @SummerBeasley

When I was given my own copy of the Norman Shield I was so excited to read the history of Sigma Chi for myself. I’ve heard many stories about the founders and was told about the standards and values of Sigma Chi just from hearing the guys tell stories. The reason I care enough to read the Norman Shield is because I see how much passion and commitment the Gentlemen of Sigma Chi put into their fraternity. I remember one day, sitting around with some of the brothers and hearing them tell specific stories about their founders and how they wanted to see their fraternity excel. I asked one of them how he knew so much detail and he replied, “Just from loving my fraternity.” I saw something from these gentlemen that stood out from all the rest. The young men don’t only tell people about what they stand for, but rather they push themselves and push each other to try to live up to their ideals. Every fraternity talks about brotherhood, but Sigma Chi lives it. I’ve noticed the Norman Shield is not something memorized to pass a pledge test, but instead it’s something learned at one point and remains in the heart of a Sigma Chi. If you just sit in a room with them you see a group of gentlemen coming together for a common goal, embracing each other for who they are, and pushing each other to live up to their individual potential. Being a friend to these young men, I see it all of the time by witnessing them always having brotherhoods and supporting each other or planting trees and painting over graffiti in our community. It makes me wonder what it is about Sigma Chi that compels them and motivates them.

Receiving the honor of becoming Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, which I still can’t say without a huge smile coming to my face, gave me the desired to learn more about the fraternity. I wanted to know about the founders, the Purpose, the Creed, the Jordan Standard, etc. I’m not really sure how this information will help me as sweetheart, but I know that my love for Sigma Chi grows the more I read and this chapter is constantly making me proud. I hope my knowledge will help show rush guests, new brothers, or anyone I come across my respect and adoration for Sigma Chi and I can represent the Sigma Chi letters honorably. It’s important that now that I am Sigma Chi Sweetheart I should be able to speak about the knowledge I have about the fraternity to others, rather than a superficial understanding. Understanding the root of the Sigma Chi fraternity will help me express my love, appreciation, and high respect for what this organization and this chapter have accomplished for these young men and for our community.

Iota Alpha Sweetheart,
Summer Rose Beasley

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2 Responses to A Sweetheart and Her Norman Shield

  1. Armando Jones says:

    My sweetheart… In Hoc

  2. Issac air Jordan says:

    Great read, and yes….sigma chi is unique.