Sigma Chi Pledge Test – A Magister/Pledge Tool

In the past year I started with an idea of allowing Sigs to create and share their own pledge tests online. This could give magisters a chance to create tests for their pledges and allow them to take them anytime they wanted. When I was pledging the only way to study for a pledge test was to read the Norman Shield or ask questions to a member. Both of these are great ways to study, but they required you to have your Norman Shield or a member around.

Norman Shield

Since then I created for anyone to create and share Sigma Chi pledge tests. My plan was to launch the website months ago, but life has been a little hectic (broke my leg and had our first child, a baby girl). Now that things have settled down a bit I found some time to get things ready and make it available.

The site is available for anyone. Magisters can create pledge test for their pledges. Even pledges can create tests to use as studying material. Maybe even a few members will want to see how much they remember. The only requirement is that you have a Facebook account. Since the website uses Facebook Connect we give you the opportunity to share pledge tests or your test scores with your friends. There are a handful of tests already created so you can go ahead and get started.

Also upcoming you can expect a small giveaway for users of, but more on that next week.

In Hoc,

Jacob Cook


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  1. Matthew Ruetman says:

    I am currently having trouble getting Facebook to authenticate the page. I think the sub-application is having an issue, if not it must just be me? Anyone experiencing a similar issue? (Ran on Safari/Chrome/Firefox.)