Sigma Chi Sweetheart Ideas

August 2, 2010

This is a guest post written by former Sigma Chi Sweetheart Nikki Bussey. Nikki has previously written about her experience as a Sigma Chi Sweetheart here.

Sigma Chi Serenade their Sweethearts

Serenading the Sweetheart

First, a “Congratulations!” is in order for any lady lucky enough to be chosen as Sigma Chi Sweetheart. Next, you must realize that some work must be done. (Think about it: what is a title if you don’t do your best to keep it?) Now, you are probably asking, “What does a Sigma Chi Sweetheart do?”or “What should she do?” The answer is easy: Do what is best for your chapter and help them to the best of your ability.

It is different for every chapter. If you were chosen to be Sweetheart, you probably already know many things about your guys. The best thing to get started is to ask. For most chapters, there are basic times when they need a little extra help: recruitment, Derby Days, and Founders Day. Each college or university is different in the way it conducts such activities so ask the men what they need and when they need it.
Another important thing to remember: show them how much they mean to you. One way is simple. Men love food. As I have mentioned before I am not the best cook, but I found my way around it, by purchasing food or asking for help. For example, I asked my sorority to assist me in baking for recruitment. For my chapter’s election meeting I brought donuts because I knew they were going to be there for a while. Cards and decorations are another way to show them you love them. Finally, you should hang out with them whenever possible. They understand that you are in school and have a job, but you always make time for them.

As far as what else you should be doing…find ways to constantly promote your chapter. That’s what you are there for! You are the Ultimate Spokeswoman for Sigma Chi. In this modern day of vast media outlets, there are endless ways to do this. Tag your chapter or guys in your Facebook statuses.

Take many pictures and post them to Facebook. Twitter is another great way to get out your message. Twitpic an event they are hosting. Begin a Sigma Chi trending topic. However, you don’t have to use social media to promote Sigma Chi. It can also be something as simple as what you wear. Be sure to wear their shirts or colors to campus events. Any woman in blue and old gold is sure to get some attention!

The Sweetheart position is different for every girl and every chapter. Make it your own. And enjoy your time as Sweetheart. It flies by, trust me.

Nikki Bussey
Sweetheart 2009-2010
Epsilon Kappa Chapter
University of Memphis

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