Sigma Chi Foundation “Text To Give”

Today I received an email from the Sigma Chi Foundation. They have started a new campaign that allows members to donate $10 just by texting “INHOC” to 20222. It’s that simple and I’m impressed with the fraternity for their progressive thinking. The “text to donate” thing has become main stream and been a huge success in recent years. Hopefully the Sigma Chi Foundation will see similar success. If you’d like to give more then $10 you can by using the following “online giving form”:

There was also an interesting stat in the email.
P.S. less than 3% of alumni give to support Sigma Chi. Help us change this by texting to give today. We really do need you.” (emphasis mine)

For more information about the Sigma Chi Foundation go to A picture of the email is embedded below.

Sigma Chi Foundation "Text To Give"

In Hoc,

Jacob Cook

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4 Responses to Sigma Chi Foundation “Text To Give”

  1. SigmaGuy says:

    As a sigma myself, I think this is a great way for alumni to give and keep our foundation strong.

  2. Ryan Donahue says:

    I’m curious about what they define as giving? Monetarily, younger Alumni have a harder time giving. So in an effort to give, I volunteer as much time as I can – primarily as a Chapter Advisor, but also as Facilitator at BTLW. With that said, I would think that the 3% figure given would be much higher if the accounted for time donated.

    • My guess is they are only counting monetary donations that are given directly to the Foundation. I am curious to know if becoming a Life Loyal Sig falls into this category…