My Experience As A Sigma Chi Sweetheart

The following was written by Nikki Bussey,  the 2009-2010 sweetheart at the University of Memphis.

My experience as Sweetheart:

I wasn’t the typical Sweetheart. In fact, when I got the call I asked, “Are you sure?” I’m the girl who was more like one of the boys than the girls. I immediately embraced my role, even though I was very worried about the baking… As Carrie Bradshaw would say the only thing I have managed to successfully create in the kitchen is a mess…or a few small fires.

Baking aside, my time spent as the Sweetheart of the Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi included some of the best moments in my life. It was always easy to love my guys. From the time I was a freshman on campus, the Sigma Chi men were my favorite. They were the leaders on campus, they stood up when women were in their presence, they worked hard and sometimes played hard. They were always the men that all the girls wanted to be with, and many of my friends and my best friend joined Sigma Chi. The more time I spent with them, the more I loved being around them. I know every chapter will say they have the best guys, but we really do. So of course I was more than happy to represent these amazing men.

Last summer began my time as Sweetheart. The summer was filled with sunshine, karaoke, barbeque, festivals, and more. Every Wednesday I would leave my internship at a local news station to drive to their house to help them with summer recruitment. When I worked at my other job, the guys would all come into the restaurant and ask to sit in my section. That honestly meant the world to me. I HATED waiting tables, but having a large group of my guys made the night so much better.

When I actually attempted to cook or bake something, they ate it up and I would receive phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages thanking me for the food moments after leaving it at the house. (They could have been lying because I’m a terrible cook, but it still made me happy.) Another important factor with my guys is their endless support of my career aspirations. Any time I was able to write a story for the newscast or read a breaking news alert text message out loud, they listened to my excited babble and beamed with pride to tell others what I had done.

I could never forget Valentine’s Day. I was picked up and driven to a restaurant where a large portion of the guys had reserved a table for us. They also bestowed me with red roses (because they are my sorority’s signature flower), a box of candy, and a HUGE teddy bear. Easily, it was the best Valentine’s Day of my life. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a group of 60 plus men who treat you better and love you just as much?

The spring Academic Banquet was filled with a room full of my smart Sigs. Then I was surprised to see a slide with my picture information on their slideshow. They listed everything they were proud off that I had accomplished in college. They supported me all the way to graduation where I received around a million congratulatory text messages, Twitter and Facebook posts. I was more than happy when I was finally able to attend the Spring Sweetheart Formal in New Orleans. I had been asked the past year but was unable to attend. So, this year the guys gave me one final present in singing The Sweetheart song to me. It brought me to tears, and you can ask anyone, I DO NOT cry. I hated to give away my title, of course, but I wish luck to the next girl, and to all future Sweethearts. It is truly a wonderful experience.

How the fraternity could make things better/easier for sweethearts:

I think there should be a Sigma Chi Sweetheart Boot camp: you know, welcoming her to the chapter so all the guys can meet her at one time. This should be done very quickly after she is invited to be Sweetheart. She should be given a copy of the Norman Shield or something similar since she needs to know some things about the chapter. Other than that, I cannot think of anything else.

Nikki Bussey

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4 Responses to My Experience As A Sigma Chi Sweetheart

  1. I hope everyone has enjoyed this post. I’ve asked Nikki to contribute some more posts to the blog.

    Nikki thanks again for writing this post and I’m looking forward to more articles from you.

  2. Richard Burns says:

    What a great story! I am going to pass this onto the other Chapters I know very well and let them understand how others perceive them or can perceive them depending on how well they follow the Jordan Standard.

  3. Riley Knight says:

    Nikki, Your testimony regarding your love and support of the brothers of Epsilon Kappa was very touching and sincere. It’s obvious to me the men take their nomination of Chapter Sweetheart very seriously and treat her as their ‘queen’, as true gentlemen should. As an alumnus of EK (initiated 1979), I am very proud of you and of my brothers for selecting a person such as yourself. I hope you are able to contend for International Sweetheart next year. I believe a recent winner was a nominee from this chapter. Thank you for such a nice post and good luck in your future endeavors.

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