Sticker Bucket Wants To Give Out Some Sigma Chi Decals

It just so happens that I bumped into another Sigma Chi business owner online who wants to give out some free Sigma Chi stuff. This time its a company called Sticker Bucket. As you might have guessed they make stickers & decals. This promotion is very similar to the other promotions I’ve done in the past. All you have to do is follow Sticker Bucket on Twitter and tweet a specific message to win. I’m hoping that since Sticker Bucket is being so generous that you’ll support a fellow Sigma Chi by following his company on Twitter and check out their website.

Here’s How To Play & Win

  1. You must be following @StickerBucket
  2. You must tweet or retweet the following message:
  3. Thats It!

Here are the days of the contest that you can win. Also feel free to tweet the message more then once. The winners will be chosen randomly by Sticker Bucket. If you win Sticker Bucket will contact you to get mailing information.
Each day 2 people will win a decal. Thats 12 decals total being given out.
Week 1: Tuesday May 18th, Wednesday May 19th, Thursday May 20th
Week 2: Tuesday May 25th, Wednesday May 26th, Thursday May 27th

[update 6.01.2010] Congrats to all the winners & thanks to Sticker Bucket for giving away free stuff to Sigs. In Hoc

Below are some sample decals. You can also get a decal that reads “[Founder Name] Is My Homeboy”.

Sigma Chi Letters Decal

Sigma Chi Letters Decal

Sigma Chi Shield Decal

Sigma Chi Shield Decal

Sticker Bucket Info


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