You Make The Stereotype

The following is an excerpt from the blog RudderYaw. The blog is written by a Sigma Chi named Tim Russell. After reading this post I felt like I needed to share it with others, because I think a lot of us have had similar experiences after joining Sigma Chi. Here are a couple of paragraphs that most reminded me of my college experience.

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As far as “frat boys” go, in college I was mild.  I drank some beer, participated in some pranks, and even wore a toga or two.  However, as measured by the low bar many people have for the Greek system, I may have represented a disappointing alter-paradigm disproving the modern stereotype.

As an undergraduate, I was often confused why my membership in a fraternity was such a polarizing topic to others.  I lost friends who told me I had “sold out”.  I didn’t feel different.  Quite the opposite, I joined Sigma Chi because I was impressed with the organization’s historical commitment to the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning.  Even now, I anticipate some readers are rolling their eyes.

What some people don’t know about Greek organizations is that most were founded as literary or service societies.  The resumes of most fraternal founders are incredibly inspiring.  Unfortunately, today’s Greeks are known for debauchery and poor academic performance.  Even more heartbreaking is the behavior feeding those perceptions.

As a starry-eyed young man, I didn’t let negative sentiment influence my dedication.  I was committed to a set of guiding principles called, “the ritual”.  A majority of fraternities have rituals, and they are not what you might expect.
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—————– RudderYaw  03/24/2010 ——————————–


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  1. Tim Russell says:

    I’m honored to be included in your blog! Thanks.