ShareSigmaChi NFL Draft App

The NFL Draft is only a week away and if you’re like me then its one of your favorite sporting events of the year. Last year I created a draft app that would allow anyone to fill out a big board of who they thought would be drafted and where. I made a few modifications to the app to make it easier to fill out.

Anyone who has signed up on can particpate and once the draft is over you can see who got the most picks right. It basically like a fantasy league, but just for the NFL Draft. Last year @duditz won by getting only 9 out of the 32 picks correct. Its much harder then you think. As soon as teams start trading picks, all our draft boards get blown up. It feels kinda like the first weekend of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament when “Cinderella” decides to win a game or two.

To participate just go here: ShareSigmaChi NFL Draft App
Remember you have to sign in if you want to save your draft board.

Here is a sneak peak at my draft board:
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Jacob Cook


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