Sigma Chi “Maps Project”

There are a number of “projects” that I feel could be very beneficial and interesting for Sigma Chi. One of those is what I refer to as the “Maps Project“. The Maps Project was something I originally created because I wanted to get some experience with the Google Maps API as well as create something that could be useful for Sigs. Lots of undergrads enjoy taking road trips to other Sigma Chi chapters, conferences, events or as a chapter activity. After doing a lot of research around the internet I couldn’t find a site that could map out numerous important/historic Sigma Chi locations, so I decided to try and build one.

Nov 2007 I uploaded a very simple webpage that could map out a handful of locations. Here is the blog post I wrote once the “Maps Project” was uploaded. The plan was to hurry and get a working prototype out and then add features later on. It wasn’t long until I had moved on to other features and quit building onto the Maps Project.

Sometime around 6 months to a year later I stumbled upon this Google Maps collaboration that Eric Jon Bolt (former Online Specialist at HQ) had created in May 2008. I was really impressed by the sure volume of information this map contains.
[update 11.08.2009] After contacting Eric he has been gracious enough to pass along his data. Hopefully we’ll be able to create something even more useful. Thanks Eric.

Then around June of this year a Sigma Chi who was initiated at the same school as me (Adrian Burks) created a site with similar functionality ( I don’t think he has done much work since he originally created it, but I think the idea is great.

I really think it would be nice to have a website solely dedicated to mapping out Sigma Chi (chapters, monuments, grave sites, etc…). It would give options and allow a lot of customization. Taking the data from the Google Maps mash up and move it to would allow us to get creative with it could be extremely beneficial for all Sigs.
– You want to be able to map out alumni based on their zip code? –
Alright, then lets build it into the website. We wouldn’t be limited to what Google allows us to do and having the url “” would make it easier to find and remember.

I’ve been in contact with a few people to see if we can get this done and I’ve gotten some really good responses. If you’re interested in helping out with the “Maps Project” or if you have some ideas that you think would be helpful, then please feel free to leave a comment on this post or use the contact info below.

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In Hoc,
Jacob Cook

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4 Responses to Sigma Chi “Maps Project”

  1. Nate Fisher says:

    Great work Jacob and thanks for the back up info the Maps Project. I too have been thinking about mapping as well. I’ve have been looking for a way to map out the alumni of my chapter. In order to respect a brother’s privacy, limiting it to a zip code would be about as much info as you’d want to share.

    It would really improve connectivity amongst brothers to be able to plug in a city and see which one of your chapter brothers was living there. Same thing for just plugging in a zip code and see how many alumni live near me. You never know if your neighbor is a Sig?

    Once you have the results from your search, I’d hope we would have the ability to send them a PM (private message) via the new site.


    Nate Fisher AG 93

  2. Nate,
    I think the zip code search stuff could be really interesting. I’ll keep you posted as it progresses.


  3. Potts says:

    Hey guys,

    Noticed the new map with many of the Chapters doesn’t have the old sites on the Beta Map. Is there a simple way to integrate the two? Let me know if I can help. My parents live in Chattanooga near the Constantine Chapter Memorial and I was trying to find it. As it turns out, I don’t think its on the new map or on Google, but it was on the Beta.

    Just a thought


  4. Potts,
    Both and both should be accurate. You may have to zoom in to get a better look at where the Constantine Memorial, but it should be right where the map says it is.

    Anyone can add/edit the Google Maps mashup. So feel free to add locations that you know are missing.