Hard At Work

Before I get this post started I want to thank everybody that has sent me their recruitment information and stories. As you have seen I posted a couple of these to the blog for everyone to read. Those “guest” posts did a great job of letting everyone know what recruitment week was like for them. Also they gave everyone a different look at what they could do during their own rush week. What I really enjoyed was seeing in the comments and on Twitter was that Sigs were sharing their ideas and experiences. That is the one of the main reasons I created ShareSigmaChi.

I choose “Hard At Work” as the title for this post cause lately I’ve been working hard at a couple of things.

  • working hard at my real job
  • working hard at spending time with my family
  • working really hard at watching football
  • working really hard on a new Sigma Chi website

That’s right a new Sigma Chi website. This new site will kinda serve as a “sister” site to ShareSigmaChi.com. It’s something I have been wanting to do for over a year now and I decided late this summer that I would get started on it. I don’t want to give out much information right now, but I will say that if you have followed ShareSigmaChi for awhile now then you have probably seen tidbits of this new site. Ever since I started ShareSigmaChi I have noticed some trends from you guys and I think this site will be very beneficial to a lot of Sigs. I’m pretty excited and really wish I could say more.

Hopefully in the very near future the new site will be ready for testing and I’ll need some help with that. So if you’re interested in being a “BETA” tester then please let me know. You can leave a comment on this post, email me, or send a message on facebook or twitter.

Feel free to share this post with your friends. Here is a short url that will make that easier: http://bit.ly/2CkdQ9
Thanks everyone for your support.

Jacob Cook
ShareSigmaChi on Twitter


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