ShareSigmaChi Fantasy Football League

Mini camps are right around the corner, which means only one thing. Football season is approaching. Last year we had two fantasy football leagues for Sigs and we are hoping we have to create even more this year to accommodate everyone. So if you enjoy playing fantasy football and enjoy meeting new Sigs, then this is right up your alley. Here is the league info to sign up. Please only sign up if you’re a Sigma Chi and only send the league info to other Sigs.

League 1 has been filled
League Url:
League Id: 320631
League Name: ShareSigmaChi Football
Password: sharesigmachi

League 2 has been filled
League Url:
League Id: 389822
League Name: ShareSigmaChi2
Password: sharesigmachi

So feel free to share the league info with any Sigma Chi who is interested. If this first league fills up, then we will create a second league and post it’s info here. And one last thing, please don’t have a lame team name. Come up with something creative.

[update] 7/26/2009 We currently have 7 teams in the league and are looking for 3 more.

[update] 7/30/2009 The league has been filled. We have created a 2nd league and the info can be found above.

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