Sigma Chi 154th Birthday

On June 28th Sigma Chi will be 154 years old. It would be nice if we could let everybody know that this day is a special occasion. With so many people using social networks these days it seems so easy to have everybody update their “status” on June 28th and let everybody know that it’s Sigma Chi’s birthday. So that is what we are asking everybody to do, just update your status with the following message on June 28th, 2009.
“Happy 154th Birthday Sigma Chi #ShareSigmaChi”

Since all the different social networks are slightly different, here are some different status/message/updates you can use.

Facebook: Update your status to “Happy 154th Birthday Sigma Chi –”

MySpace: Update your status to “Happy 154th Birthday Sigma Chi –”

LinkedIn: Update your status to “Happy 154th Birthday Sigma Chi –”

Twitter: Tweet “RT @sharesigmachi Happy 154th Birthday #SigmaChi – *”

Also feel free to upload a video to YouTube or any other video service of you saying “Happy 154th Birthday Sigma Chi”.

[update] We are reviewing the idea of giving out a prize or gift of some sort for doing this. We’ll update you with more info soon, but we are thinking we may randomly select 1 person who updates their status and send them a prize.
[update] We have such a strong response to our 154th birthday idea that we have decided to reward you for your support. We will be giving away a $50 (Apple or Amazon) giftcard to the winner. To be eligible you will need to be following @sharesigmachi on Twitter or you must be
a fan on the ShareSigmaChi Facebook page. That way we can be sure you have updated your status. If you have any questions than make sure to email us (see below for email) and don’t forget to update your status on June 28th.

[update] Congratulations to @mtnsnowshoe for winning the Sigma Chi bday giveaway and the $50 prize! pic of our lucky winner

If you want to keep up with ShareSigmaChi on some of these social networks, then check out the following links.

ShareSigmaChi on Twitter – Follow us so it will easier for us to see your “Happy Birthday” tweet
ShareSigmaChi on Facebook – Make sure and become a fan of “ShareSigmaChi” to make it easier for us to see you update your status.

In Hoc,

Jacob Cook
contact [at] sharesigmachi [dot] com


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