Podcast with Co-Founder of OutOfWorkChicago.com

We recorded our Horizons podcast with Keith Krach on Monday and have another planned for tomorrow. The podcast with Keith went very well, everyone who participated did a fantastic job and we really hope to have them all back again to discuss Sigma Chi. We did have a bit of technical difficulties with our recording software as it decided to not record the last half of the podcast. We have been in contact with the creators of the software and they have assured us that it was a fluke thing. So hopefully we won’t have any other problems in the future.

So as the title of this post reads, we will be recording another podcast tomorrow night with a Co-Founder of OutOfWorkChicago.com, Erik Jensen.  Erik is a Ball State graduate/initiate and now lives in Chicago, IL. We will discuss why he started OutOfWorkChicago and how it’s beneficial. We will also discuss how Sigma Chi helped Erik starting his business and what suggestions he has for those looking to start a business.

We should have the Horizons podcast up sometime tonight and we’ll try to have tomorrow’s podcast uploaded by the weekend. Remember you can get a list of all our podcasts here https://sharesigmachi.wordpress.com/category/podcast/

Thanks again to everybody for all their support


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