– Facebook Page & Redesign Complete

We have finally finished re-designing the site. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the new look. Here is a breakdown of where you can find everything.

Top Left
– Has links for logging in or registering for the site
– When logged in you will see links to your profile and a logout link

Top Right
– Contains links to the homepage, blog, pledge tests and contact page.

Left Side
-Links to all your article categories(news, images, videos, sites, docs etc…)
-Links to statistics, pledge tests, visuals, submit page, search and help page

– RSS feed links(blog and podcast)
– Twitter and Facebook links

ShareSigmaChi Facebook Page
Thats right we created a facebook page so its even easier to keep up with the site. If you haven’t already, then check it out and become a fan. We have some big plans for our facebook page as well as facebook in general. Once we get some things ironed out, we’ll let you know what we got up our sleeve.


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